Shifting Away from Wellbeing to Focus on Family

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Family is an important part of most of our lives. They’re who we laugh with, cry with, and, occasionally, fight. But they’re our family and we love them. And right now, you want to focus on your family and less time pursuing hobbies and passion projects.

Having the direction you want to shift your life towards is great! Now, it’s time to act on it.

168 Hours – Prioritize Your Time

When you’re looking at how to shift things around to realize your goals, remember you have 168 hours in a week. Where are you spending them? Take inventory, and I mean literally write down, where you are spending your time. How much do you sleep, eat, work, spend time with family, workout, work in your community, etc? Once you have how you currently are spending your time, take a look at what you can shift or cut down on to make more time for your family.

Authentic Communication

Now, it’s time to tell people what you’re doing! Communicate your shift to everyone you trust that will be affected, your family, friends, team, boss, etc. Work with them to put an actionable plan together that can help you achieve your goals. Not only will this let people know what you are trying to accomplish, but they can help hold you accountable when you waver.

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