Strategic Anchors: How to Make Sure your Company is Growing the Right Way

Growth is imperative for both people and companies. Companies want to grow and expand their business and people want to grow and progress in their careers. But how can you determine the best way to grow as a company and as an employee? Strategic Anchors. Strategic Anchors are how companies and employees can stay on track and not take on a bunch of superfluous bloat that may sound interesting but really does not help them grow. And when companies and individuals align on their Strategic Anchors, that’s when real growth rapidly happens.

What are Strategic Anchors?

Strategic Anchors are your company and organization’s top three core values that help them with decision making. They act as tie-breakers when deciding on a new hire, product, partner, etc. Companies, however, are not the only ones who hold Strategic Anchors, people have them too. For individuals, Strategic Anchors act as decision makers when people are not in alignment with themselves, others, or external forces. Strategic Anchors are the simplest and most rapid form of alignment that guide individuals, teams, and companies so that moonshots and goals can be achieved.

Why Are Strategic Anchors Important?

Strategic Anchors act as a compass and decision tool for companies and individuals to stay on track as they grow and evolve. When the Strategic Anchors of a company align with their employee’s anchors (also called core values) mutual growth and prosperity may follow. Many of my clients use Strategic Anchors in accordance with their Big Rock (a concept originally made famous by Stephen Covey) initiatives for the year. Often times, the core values are already in place and held onto as deal-breakers when opportunities or decisions try to cross them.

What if Strategic Anchors are out of Alignment?

When Strategic Anchors between individuals and their company are out of alignment, you may see stagnation, lack of productivity, and slowed growth. What I often see is exception-based thinking and decision making, and time-sucks that use resources to explore opportunities that don’t fit the core of what the company does, stands for, or aspires to be.

Hold Steady

Your and your company’s Strategic Anchors are what hold you and it true to the growth you and it want. Use them as decision-making tools as to what is worth the time and resources and what is just busy work. Companies need to align with their employees to make sure the company is on the fast-track to the right growth.

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