The Stop Settling Quiz: Take Control of the Direction of Your Life

I am so excited to let you all know that the launch of the Stop Settling Quiz is LIVE! It has been many months in the making and an absolute labor of love!

What is Stop Settling®?

Stop Settling is the indicator of a person’s values and purpose and is predictive of the Quality of Life they desire.

Before we go any further, absolve yourself of the idea that settling is bad because that’s not necessarily the case. Not everything is of the same priority and you are not capable of doing everything at once. Worse, when we operate towards that end, we become a burnt-out mess! Settling unconsciously and habitually is a bad thing. It means that you are making trade-offs with your time that you may or may not make otherwise.

When you choose to settle in and settle down consciously, it can be the most sanity-saving, joy-inducing, productivity-generating habit you have. Thus, it is crucial and imperative that you become self-aware of unconscious habits and break the cycle of involuntarily settling. To piece-meal yourself and your time to fit the many facets of life is disrespectful of your full potential, your happiness, and your health.

Stop Settling operates under 5 key facets:


Career is your work life. Your daily 9-5 (and greater for many of us), office-sitting, back-to-back meetings life. This category includes your job, perhaps even your own start-up company, and any aspirations you may have within this realm.


Generations is your family. Parents, kids, grandparents, in-laws, etc. Anyone in your life who is or whom you consider close family. This doesn’t really include your second cousin twice removed that lives in an obscure town in Canada that you talk to during the 5-year family reunion. This is for the family with whom you interact with regularly enough that they have a significant impact on your time.


Circle is your friends. The people in your life with whom you choose to grab coffee or dinner. The ones you call when the two aforementioned facets are driving you up the wall. You know, friends (for some of us, blood is not thicker than water, and perhaps, some of your closest friends you consider family, YOU define this, no one else gets to).


Society is your community. This may be your church, book club, where you volunteer, the local farmers market to which you contribute. Anything where you interact with your community at large.


Vitality is your health. And while it includes your physical health, it is not limited to that. This is where the things you do to keep your sanity and avoid burn-out belongs. This category is about physical activities like running and yoga, but also activities like hobbies, meditation, and passion projects.

The Stop Settling Quiz is here to wake people up and have them making conscious decisions about where they choose to spend their time. Are you ready to wake up?

Want more on the Quiz? Check this out!

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