Shift Dynamics: Embrace Change in your Life with these 2 Easy Tips

Change is inevitable. We all know this. But recognizing and reacting to the changes that occur to you, around you, for, and because of you is not. You have the power of choice over the dynamic shifts that happen in your life. Adapting to change may be hard, however, so I wanted to share a couple of tips that have helped me deal with the shift dynamics in my own holistic life at work and in relationships.

1. Change is NOT Always Linear

Change, the shifts, are not linear. They zigzag through the stages of your life with no regard for forward or backward. They may push you into first, second, or third gear or sometimes even put you in reverse. Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself needing to take a couple of steps back to reevaluate your situation because of a change. I like to think of this step back as self-correcting and it usually means growth and transformation are around the corner. When you find yourself needing to take a big step back, keep in mind:

I. This is happening for a reason.

II. Look for the silver lining

III. Slow Down to Speed Up

2. Don’t Panic

Change may be frightening. It is also exhilarating and exciting but even those kinds of changes usually come with at least a small dose of fear. What will happen? Am I ready for this? What if at all goes horribly, horribly wrong? These are all common questions that swirl around the head of anyone undergoing change. The change may be a promotion, a child moving out of the house, or even adopting a new pet (to hear my current shift dynamic story, check out my video). For this, I have a very simple phrase, don’t panic.

These shifts in our lives happen for a reason. There is a beginning, end, and purpose to the changes we undergo. Instead of panicking and worrying about all the things that could go wrong, recognize that those fears are coming from inside of you. And because they are coming from you, you have the power to stop them! This is where Fact v. Fiction comes into play. Take 3 minutes and map how you’re feeling. Is it real? Are you future trippin’? Is the unknown or limbo what you’re actually afraid of and not the change itself?

Remember, Fact v. Fiction is a strong antidote to wasteful stress, the unnecessary emotional wear and tear from the drama in the workplace and in all of life’s relationships at home, in community, etc. So, the next time you feel thrown out of the driver’s seat by the dynamic shifts of your life, remember these 3 simple steps:

  1. Don’t Panic

  2. Let it Simmer - Take time to really mull over the changes happening, understand (and feel!) how you feel about the changes happening.

  3. Regroup and Move Forward (or Backwards!) - Assess the situation based on facts (not fiction!) and plot your next course of action. Are you good to shift up from here or do you need to take a step back to course correct? When you play the Fact v. Fiction game with yourself (or ask a friend, boss, partner, etc. to help you map out the reality) emote away on all the facts AFTER you fill in all the facts and recognize the fiction or opinion side of the equation and stop wasting your precious energy on things that are simply not real.

Drive Your Life

Shift dynamics are scary, inevitable, and opportunities in disguise. Identify and embrace the changes in your life. Drive confidently!

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