Prioritizing Family

Avoid Burnout

Just because you are doing what you love doesn’t mean that you won’t burnout. In fact, it’s easier to push yourself to the limit when you are doing something you love. Make sure that you aren’t letting burnout sneak up on you by ignoring symptoms like repeating colds or general fatigue. When you feel your body signaling that you need a break, make sure you take it! Whatever a relaxing break looks like to you, reading a book, a 15-minute coffee break, attending a yoga class on Thursday, make sure you take it!

Saying No

Knowing when to say no is a huge sanity saver! Most of us say yes, even when we mean no. This is a problem. And also how we get roped into all those things that we really don’t want to do. Get comfortable with saying no! Now that you know where your priorities lie, if you are presented with an opportunity that doesn’t align with them, kindly but firmly say no!

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