Here’s to Women!

Today is International Women’s Day and this month is Women’s History Month, a day/month dedicated to thanking and recognizing the contributions of women everywhere. All women, whether you’re a corporate exec, a stay at home mom, a grandmother, or just trying to figure out your place in the world, this day is for all of you and for those that have paved the way for us and will continue to trailblaze after us.

Be Kind to Your Fellow Women

Often times, we women are striving so hard to better our lives that we become convinced that there is one ideal “strong, modern woman.” This is not the case and actually hinders any progress that woman-kind has achieved. The whole point of achieving equality is to have the freedom to do as you please. If you want to pursue a career that ends with you leading a company, go do that! If you want to dedicate your time to staying at home with your children and raising them, go for it! If you want to work you’re a** off and then spend all your saved money and travel the world, then do it! None of these paths are better or worse than any of the other. It is ultimately about what you want to do and having the ability to do it.

It breaks my heart when I hear women putting down other women either because they’re not career-driven or they’re too career-driven. You ladies are missing the point! Staying home to raise a family is just as “woke” and “feminist” as working your way up the corporate ladder, as long as you’re the one making the decision.

More in Common than Different

Regardless of how you choose to live your life, women rarely occupy a single role in their daily lives. But this habit of multi-tasking usually means that we get lost within all our responsibilities, taking on too many things at one time without any trade-offs. In all our crusading to make the world a better place, be great moms, wives, partners, daughters, sisters, friends, and leaders, where’s the time when we just focus on ourselves? While we are helping, nurturing, fixing, and pleasing those around us when do we take the time to stop ourselves from being depleted?

Take 5

So, in honor of this important month and day, let’s all take five! Five minutes for ourselves to consider our own aspirations and desires with no shame and how we want to shift things on our plates so that they aren’t overflowing platters. Five minutes to celebrate our and other women’s accomplishments and nurture ourselves so we can work directly and passionately towards what we truly want!

Here’s to Women!

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” ― Coco Chanel
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