Spending Less Time with Friends to Focus on Your Wellbeing

Authentic Communication

First, it’s time to tell people what you’re doing! Communicate your shift to everyone you trust that will be affected, your family, friends, team, boss, etc. Work with them to put an actionable plan together that can help you achieve your goals. Not only will this let people know what you are trying to accomplish, but they can help hold you accountable when you waver.

Toxic Friendships

Unfortunately, not all friends are created equal. In fact, some of the people we call our friends may be doing us more harm than good. Toxic friendships can affect your mental health and build unhealthy dependencies. Friends are the support network that you cultivate around yourself. So, as you make your shift and spend less time with your friends, make sure that you focus your time on the friends support you without expecting anything in return. Any friend that resents or rebuffs you for your choice, is not worth your time.

Set Boundaries

When working towards your new goal, make sure you know and set boundaries to avoid being pulled back into old habits. Perhaps, before you decided to make a shift, you would grab dinner or hang out with your friends every weekend. Now, you have new priorities and your time will shift accordingly. Perhaps from now on you will only hang out with them once a month and spend that time taking a yoga class or reading a book. Whatever your line is, don’t cross it or allow it to be crossed. Set the boundaries make sense for you and stick to them!

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