Settle Smarter Pre-Podcast Questionnaire

Getting ready for this podcast includes:


1. Having total quiet, preferably with good sound and headphones for maximum listening benefit for our audience and focus for us during our discussion

2. Don’t forget to shut off the rest of your apps, alerts, and if you’re like me, furry friends need to be in their own silent retreat during our interview 😊

3. We prefer to keep video on, not that our listeners will see us, but it makes our interview feel more familiar and like talking with a friend (we may take a few still photos to share out on social later if you like)

4. Keep your answers short. 100-150 words or 50 seconds to a minute. Click here for an example.


Before we talk, think about, maybe even jot down a few notes for yourself in these areas:

1. Reflect on making compromises, trade-offs in 1-2 areas and what results you experienced which led you to the work you do today

2. Talk about how a specific life situation or prioritization pushed you forward or back in a key area and the results you had from this

3. Come with an area or issue in mind that is challenging for you and/or your clients to make decisions around. Share a mindset shift that is resonant and/or troublesome for you personally/professionally.

4. Describe where the tensions lie and show up concretely for you and others in making energizing vs. draining decisions.  This will exemplify the Settle Smarter framework into practical action for our listeners and yourself!

5. Last, we will play Fact V. Fiction.  Think about a “truth” inside one of the five key facets, that you’ve realized is actually fiction.  Remember, Settling Smarter includes emoting freely, early and often when based in fact not fiction! 

Finally, what we need from you is:

Brief Bio: 200 words

A headshot of 1000x1000 300dpi (and or book cover if you have one that you’d like to share)

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A favorite quote, your own or someone else’s:

Website(s) and social links for us to promote:

Phone number (in case we need to reach you and Zoom doesn’t connect):

Twitter and Instagram handles (if you have them):

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Who we should send a copy of the interview to, and their e-mail address (our show is independent … once the interview airs, you can have it and host it on your web site also!):

More background on the podcast can be found below.

With gratitude,

Dana and team


During this 30 minute podcast, listeners will experience actionable insights and advice as to how to navigate inside and across life’s 5 key facets that we all have in common as humans.  Whether you spend the majority of your time with your Career, Family, Friendship, Community and/or Well-being, we must all learn to settle smarter by making conscious and voluntary decisions.  With our expert guests, we will explore different ways to help you when you’re stuck.  Learn here how to make better decisions as to where you settle, when you settle, with whom you settle, how and why and where you absolutely will not settle. Life is too short to live without compromise.  Something has to give!  On the Settle Smarter Podcast, you will go from being smart to being smarter by dumping the guilt and “shoulds” that keep you feeling stuck, drained and unenergized.  

Everyone is unique like a fingerprint.  Give us 30 minutes of your time to listen and learn from our simple and practical ways to make tradeoffs and reprioritize your life. When you blow up the myth of work-life balance in exchange for a more work-life integrated approach you become more joyful, productive and valued/valuable which is harmonious.  Balance leads to burnout.  Harmony beats balance, every time!

Our guests are bearing it all while helping our listeners relate and make their own Settle Smarter decisions!  They tell me about the times where they say yes when they mean no and no when they want to say yes.  When they learn to make clear and joy-producing decisions they get into alignment with their values and how to prioritize their life’s facets.  If you really only have enough time, energy and value that you can realize from three of the five, which are they and in which order?  Often times there are a few facets that are not super important to people. Knowing which ones aren’t important to you is just as important as knowing which are and is critical to settling smarter. 

We play Fact vs. Fiction which helps them grow further faster while giving you, the listener, quick tips, tools, and tricks as well as traps to avoid while our people expert Dana unpacks 25 years worth of front row knowledge as to what works and doesn’t inside and outside of our careers. 

We will wrap with a Settle Smarter Challenge/Call To Action.